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Opportunity to export 4 pine lumber containers 20ft to the Indian market

11/05/2021 | 17:05:20

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VIETGO would like to send you information about a pine lumber order from a potential customer, Mr. Sumit.

Opportunity to export 4 pine lumber containers 20ft to the Indian market


VIETGO would like to send you information about a pine lumber order from a potential customer, Mr. Sumit.


Mr. Sumit is in need of importing pine lumbers from a supplier for his company's project.


Details About Order As Follows:




Quantities: 01 container 20ft for the 1st trial

Then 3 - 4 containers 20ft per month if the quality and price are right

Dimensions (length x width x thickness):

1080mm x 90mm x 17mm

1080mm x 90mm x 38mm

Product requirements:

1 side surfaced and 3 side rough sawn lumbers

Customer is interested in receiving a quote for air dried and kiln dried woods

Acceptance of defects on the surface of the planks (but less is better)

Quotation method:

FOB and CIF - Port of Mundra, district Kutch (Kachchh), Gujarat, India

Payment method: 100% L/C at sight


Product illustration


Contact information:


Mr. Sumit █████


Company: ██████████████████████

Address: █████████, ████████████, █████████, ██████████, █████████-██████, Gujarat, India

Email: ██████████████████████@gmail.com         

Mob/WhatsApp: +91 ███████████

Nation: India


Customer information:


Mr. Sumit, a friendly customer of VIETGO, representing ██████████████████████ in India, is looking for a supplier for pine lumbers.


Customer's business card image


Image of customer company's sale page on Indiamart

Images of some products that the customer company is currently selling


Pine lumber is one of the most useful types of wood, serving mainly in the interior and exterior furniture industry. It is a type of wood with a not too high price, good quality plus special features of knots and special grains, so the finished product always creates an equally fancy and delicate design when designing and installing the apartment. 


This was also a request from Mr. Sumit – a representative of ██████████████████████ company – contacting and suggesting assistance from VIETGO to find a suitable supplier for his pine lumber order.


Mr. Sumit said “My name is Sumit █████, 29 years old, currently living in █████████, Gujarat, India. I graduated from the University of Gujarat - the first ranked school in Gujarat and 26th in India for the category called "Prestigious public universities" according to the Outlook-ICARE ranking of 2019.


Graduating from school, after a long career and dedication to ██████████████████████, I am currently the director of this company.


My company is a reputable manufacturer, distributor and importer in Gujarat, India. ██████████████████████ was established in 1977, specializing in trading a variety of items such as EUR-pallets (2-way and 4-way lifting), industrial wooden pallets, wooden boxes, packaging boxes, wooden doors - frames, plywood, all kinds of logs, etc. These products are all manufactured using high quality wood materials, as well as other raw materials and are widely demanded in the market for their durability, water resistance and good finish. We are committed to ensuring quality to consumers. The product will be delivered intact and in the correct quantity. 


For us, the staff is always the greatest and most important resource. ██████████████████████ has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who work closely together to produce high quality furniture products. The team members are composed of most of the professionals with skills and talents specializing in specific fields. These professionals are aware of the customer's requirements for product shapes, sizes, grades and are able to shape these requirements accordingly. We also regularly organize seminars and training programs to improve the skills of team members. Our team includes designers, craftsmen, quality controllers, painters, skilled workers, warehouse staff and packaging specialists. With their help and support, we are fully able to bring a complete range of products with impeccable quality. In addition, the company also equips with more advanced technology machines and equipment to help the production process.


Some of the factors that contribute to the success of our company are innovative and attractive product lines, best quality raw materials, strict quality control, low cost, and fast transportation”.


Mr. Sumit added “Currently, my company needs to import sawn pine timbers to produce our company's products. I look forward to working directly with a reputable and capable supplier for long-term cooperation in the future. We hope to receive a quotation soon, together with detailed actual pictures of product samples from your suppliers”.


The customer expressed his absolute confidence in the support of VIETGO, which will soon help him connect successfully with the right, serious and trustworthy suppliers. Through the serious buying attitude and the active goodwill brought by Mr. Sumit, VIETGO believes that this will be a promising order to bring about a good cooperative business relationship, not only for businesses that own a good supply capacity in Asia in general, but also for Vietnamese businesses in particular.


Thus, if suppliers can meet his requirements, please contact and send a quote to his company as soon as possible via his contact number and email address that we have provided as above. 



Code order – B110521 – NTN - NTNQ 



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