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Opportunity to export Kraft paper bags to US market

11/05/2021 | 08:54:08

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VIETGO would like to send you information about a Kraft paper bag order from a potential customer, Mr. Liover.

Opportunity to export Kraft paper bags to US market


VIETGO would like to send you information about a Kraft paper bag order from a potential customer, Mr. Liover.


Mr. Liover is looking to import Kraft paper bags from the suppliers for his company's project.


Detailed information of Kraft paper bag:




Quantity: 100pcs for 2 sets at 1st

If the quality is good, customer will import 100.000pcs per month

Purpose of usage: Packing the products

Quantitative: 120GSM

Common size for 2 sets:

11.4 x 20 x 25cm

Quantity for each set:

1 set of 25 white and 25 brown color pcs

1 set of 50 brown color pcs


With twisted handle as shown, no chemical smell, possibility to have paper sealing line for each set to avoid wrinkles, including sticky notes with the sizes of 2x3

Quotation of total weight of the entire shipment and weight of each bag of paper bags

Printed logo as shown below


Logo image provided by the customer


Quotation method: EXW and FOB

Payment method: T/T



Product image provided by the customer


Detailed information about the customer:


Recently, VIETGO has received an offer to quote a Kraft paper bag order from a young customer, Mr. Liover.


Photo of the customer


This young businessman is an American citizen. Studying and graduating with a major in pest control and epidemiological services in 1995 in Cuba, Mr. Liover found his passion and applied to the Cuban Ministry of Health & Control Vector for 5 years. With his extensive knowledge, Mr. Liover was also a member of the national campaign to combat infectious diseases caused by pests, from 2000 to 2002, a member of the Ministry of Public Health & Epidemiology, from April 2002 to August 2008 in Luanda, Angola. 


And since 2010, he joined Orkin in the United States, then developed the platform and founded the ████████.LLC company. ████████.LLC provides and brings a full range of pest control utilities to help customers minimize insects such as spiders, cockroaches, ants, ticks, ticks, and aphids in the apartment space. as well as the area around the customer's residence.


Company’s website image



Some typical services of the company


Developed on the existing foundation and a system of professionally trained large-scale staff, ████████.LLC always brings the best quality, most assured and suitable service to customers. Mr. Liover shared that in addition to managing and operating ████████.LLC, he also sold paper bags and some non-harmful products made from natural materials such as wood. With the main goal of always ensuring the environment is green - clean - beautiful and with the least harmful effects, Mr. Liover decided to find a stable supply that will help him thrive in this paper bag business. All details as well as Mr. Liover's request have been fully mentioned above. Any suppliers who can meet Mr. Liover's order please contact and quote him at the contact information below. 


VIETGO wishes you a successful business!



 Customer contact information:


Mr. Liover


WhatsApp: +1 (786) ████████

Company: █████████████████████████████

Website: http://www.█████████████████████████.com/

Email: ██████████@gmail.com



Order number: A100521 - PNKH - NTN