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Opportunity to export fresh gingers to Dubai market

19/04/2021 | 17:28:15

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Mr. Zahid, a customer from Dubai, is wishing to import Gingers.

Opportunity to export fresh gingers to Dubai market


Mr. Zahid, a customer from Dubai, is wishing to import Gingers.


Detailed information about ginger order would be sent to suppliers as follows:

Product name: Gingers

Size: 150gr+

Quantities: 1 container 40ft weekly

Requirements: Fresh gingers, no damage, no sprout

Gingers with good formality and the latest crop

Packaging: 5 kg/carton box

Quotation method: CIF - Jebel Ali port, Dubai

Payment method: T/T


Product illustration


Product packaging specification images


Detailed information about the customer:


Recently, VIETGO had a conversation and discussion with a potential Dubai customer, Mr. Zahid. Mr. Zahid is currently the owner of ██████████████ ██████████ █████████████████████.


Customer company’s website image


██████████████ ██████████ █████████████████████ was established in the UAE in 2008 and quickly became a destination for a wide variety of imported fruit and vegetable products. His company aims to be the most recognized name when it comes to import and export in the region. With branches throughout the UAE, the company's services are gradually expanding and improving than ever. Customer service comes first with quality staff as the key to his company's success.


Photos of customer company warehouses and workshops


The client's company trades a wide range of products, vegetables, such as onions, shallot onions, coconuts, potatoes, gingers, etc which are mainly supplied and distributed to supermarkets and large wholesale markets all over the UAE. ██████████████ ████████████████████ ███████████'s clients are mainly independent retailers and his distribution center located in Al Aweer Fruits and Vegetables Market. The company's supplier system is spread all over the world, from China, India, Pakistan, Vietnam, etc.


Image of company’s products and customers


Sharing about his order this time, the enthusiastic customer said that he had the opportunity to work with suppliers from Vietnam and he appreciated the quality of goods as well as the country and children. people here. He hopes that through VIETGO, it is possible to find potential suppliers and long-term importers. After the order of lime, garlic and ginger at this purchase, the customer will consider other products such as onions, carrots from Vietnam.


Below is the company's latest sea waybill of green lemons imported from Vietnam.


Photos of bill of lading


This is a very potential and attractive order. VIETGO hopes that suppliers will quickly contact Mr. Zahid to successfully export this order.


Picture of the customer's personal business card


Mr. ████████ Zahid

Company: ███████████████████████████████████████████

Whatsapp: +971 ███████████

Email: █████████████@gmail.com

Country: UAE



Order number: X-B190421-LTKL