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A VIP importer from Australia is looking for a steel strapping supplier for long term cooperation

31/03/2021 | 11:47:02

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Currently, the customer is looking for a partner for steel strapping.

A VIP importer from Australia is looking for a steel strapping supplier for long term cooperation

Mr. Andrew is a potential customer from Australia who has had a lot of work with us before. He has successfully imported many items from Vietnamese suppliers through VIETGO’s connection. Currently, the customer is looking for a partner for steel strapping.

The order details


Product name: Steel strapping

Quantity: 10 to 15 tons for trial order

Dimensions: 19 mm x 0.56 mm

Weight per roll: 16.5 kg

Pepper price: ██████████

Use goal: wrapping heavy pallets

Packaging: according to supplier's standards

Quotation method: FOB

Payment method: TT, deposit 20 or 30%

Product photos provided by customers


 Customer information


Mr. Andrew is a representative from ████████████████ LTD, based in Sydney, Australia. The company specializes in importing and distributing kitchenware products in the Australian market. Before that, the main market that he imported was China, but over the past 1 year, the customer began to import a number of new products from other countries, including Vietnam. Through the connection of VIETGO, Mr. Andrew has successfully imported many orders and had the opportunity to cooperate with a number of Vietnamese suppliers. Typically, one order which he successfully imported was film-faced plywood (for details, please see here) and another order was steel with Minh Phat company (Details please see here) in 2019.

Customer business card

Mr. Andrew and Mr. Nguyen Tuan Viet -  CEO of VIETGO company

Mr. Andrew is a polite, literate and caring people. The customer shared that he was raised in a butcher family. Every day he had to see the butcher of the family being dissected in front of the family store. That is why Andrew has a special affection for animals. He loved us very much and was extremely excited to meet a buffalo on the way. In the year, when performing a plywood search program in Vietnam, many drivers had to stop for staff with a kind heart to take pictures with the buffalo wandering the road.

Andrew also shared with us about the 1 million hectares of his father. He said he enjoyed country life, he could shed light on the river near his parents' house. Customers once shared, maybe Sydney is still not the last destination in his lifer. If Vietnam can give him a chance to do a good business, he will buy a house in Hanoi and bring his wife to live in peace of mind to supervise his units.

Some pictures of Mr. Andrew ‘s visit to  plywood factory in Vietnam introduced by VIETGO

Below are pictures of some successful orders of kitchen cabinets from Italy, plywood from China, film-faced plywood and  steel products from Vietnamese suppliers connected by VIETGO:


Bill of lading for kitchen cabinets imported from Italy in January 2019

Bill of lading for film-faced plywood imported from China

Bill of lading for plywood  imported from China in October 2020

Deposit for an import orders from a steel supplier connected by VIETGO

Bill of lading for steel order from a Vietnamese supplier connected by VIETGO in 2020


Sharing information on this order, Mr. Andrew said: “I need a steel strapping supplier to wrapping the heavy pallet. For the first order, I plan to import a small quantity from 10 to 15 tons to check product quality. I will discuss specific requirements for the product when the supplier contact. Hopefully, VIETGO can help connect with functional providers like the previous orders we have worked with ”.


Customer contact information

Any suppliers that can do the above order and are willing to cooperate, please contact the location through the detailed information below. VIETGO would like to wish our suppliers to make successful transactions with this commodity location soon!


Mr. Andrew

Company: ████████████████ LTD.

Email: ██████████████████.net

Whatsapp: +61 ███████████

Country: Australia


Order code: X- A310321 - NTNQ


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