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Opportunity to export coffee to the Chinese market

30/03/2021 | 16:38:16

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Mr. Yang - A customer from China is wishing to import green coffee beans

Opportunity to export coffee to the Chinese market

Mr. Yang - A customer from China is wishing to import green coffee beans

Mr. Yang currently holds the position of purchasing manager and is the representative of ██████████████ Company from Taiwan, China.
██████████████ Company was first established in Taiwan with the aim of researching and developing food ingredients. Over 50 years of operation and development, this company has created the famous ██████████ brand in Taiwan with high quality, good service and competitive price. ██████████ Food Sales Department was established in September 1999, now with more than 500 employees, ██████████ brand has mastered the domestic market and achieved excellent results in production bread branches.

The image of customer's company website

With the nationwide sales network and the constantly increasing market share along with the increasingly improved life, the ██████████ food business always believes that good service quality is first and foremost then promoting new products and bring them in order to satisfy customers' requirements. ██████████ wishes to create a future with bakers from all over the world. Here are some of the breads and merchandise that client companies are very successful in branding.

Some products the customer is trading

In order to meet the demand for business supplies for customers, ██████████████ established a purchasing department with the aim of sourcing raw materials and Mr. Yang, as the sales manager, came to VIETGO for the order of green coffee. Mr. Yang said that with the large scale of the factory, his company wants to source long-term raw materials and will produce the output products by itself under the famous brand name ██████████. Previously, Mr. Yang said, he had found supplies from Brazil, however, he was not really satisfied with the price. Vietnamese coffee is famous for its aroma and good quality in the world. Therefore, the customer wants to have a long-term import and develop a sustainable relationship.

The image of the customer’s company factory 

Details of the order sent by the customer to the supplier are as follows:

Product's name: Green coffee
Type of coffee: Robusta
Requirements: Coffee with quality 1, clean, natural green color, not mildew
Coffee does not mix impurities, good formality
Packing: 25kg / jute bag
Quantity: 1 20ft container monthly
Quotation method: CIF Xinhui port, Guangdong
Payment method: T/T
Customers deposit 30%, 70% balance against documents

Product illustration image

Picture illustrating product packaging specifications

Customer contact information:

Mr. ████ Yang
Company: ██████████████
Wechat ID:█████████████
Country: Taiwan, China

Imgaes of the customer's personal business card

Mr. Yang wants to have an urgent conversation with exporters as soon as possible. The customer wants to be offered a text message via Wechat before sending the email. We hope suppliers note this before offering to customers. Mr. Yang expressed his goodwill to cooperate and hoped that with the help of VIETGO, he could successfully connect with suitable and reliable suppliers for long-term business.

Order number: X-A290321-LTKL