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(Urgent) Opportunity to export 50 40ft containers of veneer per month to China

10/05/2021 | 20:43:39

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Mr. Kankan, a potential customer from China, contacted and talked with VIETGO about his plywood’s project.

(Urgent) Opportunity to export 50 40ft containers of veneer per month to China

VIETGO would like to send you information about veneer order from a potential customer, Mr. Kankan.

Detailed information about veneer should be sent to your business as follows:


Quantities: 50 40ft containers per month

  Purpose of use: Making plywood

Size: (length x width x thickness)

1270 x 630 x 17mm

970 x 480 x 18mm

Moisture: 10%

Grade: A

Packaging: According to supplier's request

Materials: Eucalyptus woods and acacia woods

Quotation method: FOB and CIF - port of Qingdao, China

Payment method:

Full payment will be made by customer after checking product’s quality


Photo illustration of eucalyptus veneer product



Photo illustration of acacia veneer product 

Detailed information about the customer:

Mr. Kankan, currently the manager - representing of █████████████████████████████████. ██████████████████████████ Co.LTD is company import and export trade cum factory - with the main areas of production and distribution to consumer products for construction’s materials, furniture such as sofa, kitchen furniture. 

Photo of customer’s business card

“Our ████████ company has a factory that specializes in plywood products, building materials, residential furnitures such as sofas, wooden furniture - a commercial office, where employees work and receiving orders from domestic and foreign customers. With production lines with advanced technology and modern, from the slicing machine peeled, the system dryer and boiler with big capacity and workers crowded workmanship sturdy, we always support by our best to promptly respond to customer requests”.

Through years of development, ████████ has accelerated the progress and cooperated with many potential enterprises in China and abroad. Sharing about the order, Mr. Kankan is responsible for the project of manufacturing plywood for making furniture for a major partner of his company. And the number of veneer’s project is very large, up to 50 40ft containers per month. Therefore, Mr. Kankan needs a business that can provide him with the good quality of the product he requires. Mr. Kankan also shared that he has a friend in Vietnam who will help him check the quality of this product and if the product is good and affordable, he will pay immediately.

Photo of customer


So, in order not to miss this attractive order, suppliers please contact Mr. Kankan soon via the contact address below because he is in urgent need quotation.

VIETGO wish you a successful business!

Information to contact the customer:

Mr. ██ Kan (Kankan)

Wechat ID: ███████████████████

Company: █████████████████████████████ Co.LTD

Email: ███████████@163.com

Country: China

Order number: C270321 - PNKH