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Opportunity to export 700 tons of steel billets monthly to Pakistan

26/03/2021 | 16:05:31

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VIETGO would like to send you information about billet order from a potential Pakistani customer, Mr. Muhammad.

Opportunity to export 700 tons of steel billets monthly to Pakistan


Currently, he is looking for a reputable supplier to import 700 tons of billet monthly to Pakistan. Below are order details:


Details of the order


Product name: Billet Steel

Quantity: 700 tons per month

Steel grade: A36

Dimensions: 41.5 X 41.5 mm

Quotation method: FOB

Port of destination: Krachi, Pakistan

Payment method: TT


Product image provided by the customer


Detailed information about the customer

Mr. Muhammad is a businessman from Pakistan, a country in South Asia. He lives and works in Karachi city, Pakistan's leading industrial and financial center. Mr. Muhammad is currently the CEO of the ███████████████████████████████


Customer image


██████████████████████ is a company specializing in steel products. With nearly 15 years of operation since its establishment in 2007 in Punjab, Pakistan, the company has been doing very well with a team of professional and experienced staff.


Image of a client's corporate business card on a website


Pictures of some of the company's products provided by the customer

Sharing with VIETGO, he also said that this was the first time he imported steel from another country because before that the company mainly cooperated with domestic enterprises. With this steel billet import order, he hopes to find a reputable supplier to work for a long time in the near future.

So, which suppliers can meet his requirements, please contact and quote with him via the contact information below:


Mr Muhammad █████

Company: ██████████████████████

Address: ████████████████████████████████████████████, Pakistan

Email: ████████████████@gmail.com

Mob: + 923█████████

Whatsapp: + 923█████████

Country: Pakistan


Order number: X - B190321 - NTN


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