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Opportunity to export Ginger to UAE

08/03/2021 | 09:41:23

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The customer is currently looking for a supplier for ginger to serve the consumption needs of the domestic market.

Opportunity to export Ginger to UAE


The customer is currently looking for a supplier for ginger to serve the consumption needs of the domestic market.


Order Details ( 03/01/2021):


Product name: fresh ginger

Size: 100gr +

Requirements: good evenness

Clean, large ginger branch, no insects and defects

Good quality fresh ginger

Packing: 4kg/pvc box

Quantity: trial order 01 container 40ft

Quotation method: CIF (Jebel Ali port, UAE)

Payment method: 50% against B/L, 50% payment within 7 days after the goods arrive at the port

(suppliers can discuss further when exchanging directly with customers)


Illustrative image for the product



Illustrative image for the product’s packaging




Customer Contact Information

For all specific details as well as to discuss more about the order above, please contact the only address listed below to receive a reply from this UAE customer soon.

Mr. ████████ Aaseef

Company Name: ███████████████████████████ L.L.C

Tel/Whatsapp: +971 ███████████

Email: ████████████████████com

Website: www█████████████.com

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/█████████████

Nation: UAE


In recent years, when the international trade in goods became popular, the UAE has put its name on the list of one of the familiar and potential partner countries with Vietnamese businesses for fruits and vegetables, especially green limes. In addition to major markets such as Canada, Japan, Maldives, ... every year, Vietnam also has many successful orders to Jebel Ali port, Dubai for green lime products.

█████████████████████ L.L.C is a company operating in the field of distributing selected and imported agricultural products from many countries around the world. We are in our best endeavors with a desire to be globally recognized as the best fresh and natural food business company. Our goal is to make lives healthier by giving our customers a fresh experience when using █████████████ products around the globe".



Image of client company business card



Mr. Aaseef is a very friendly, polite and very professional customer. “I have many years in the field of importing goods. We are responsible for the delivery of goods for chain stores, dealers and retailers on our online website system. We are also a trade unit based on connecting importers in need with exporters. We have a few rules within the payment method that we currently have with most transactions. We appreciate the suppliers that can respond to this payment method. However, we are still very goodwill to discuss further in case of need”.



Image of customer – Mr.Aaseef



Image of information about payment methods provided by the customer



With the website ████████████████████, the company has integrated into an online sales page with diverse groups of goods, rich images and is regularly updated. Customers can easily select, purchase and receive goods at home with door to door delivery service.



Image of customer’s facebook page


Image of customer’s website


“We are a regular and reliable partner of businesses from Pakistan, Egypt, India and other countries for some specific fruits and vegetables such as yellow oranges, sweet potatoes, Cavendish bananas, potatoes, etc. ". The large and regular import demand for green limes and carrots from Vietnam to Dubai shows that this is a commodity group with business potential and promises to bring profits to businesses that have and are about to exploit UAE's market.


A picture of the customer's bill of lading import potatoes from Pakistan



A picture of the customer's bill of lading import sweet potatoes from Egypt



A picture of the customer's bill of lading import bananas  from India



Mr. Aaseef hopes and believes that Vietgo's support will soon help him connect successfully to a suitable, serious and reliable supplier. The customer emphasized that his company will always uphold and cherish cooperative relationships based on trust, sincerity and goodwill. “Not only green lime or carrot, in the future we will exploit a lot of other products in Vietnam, we hope that this will be an order that opens up a good cooperation opportunity for businesses ”.- Mr. Aaseef shared.