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Opportunity to export Onion to the Indian market

28/02/2021 | 19:06:32

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An Indian customer needs to find a supplier for Vietnam Onion

Opportunity to export Onion to the Indian market

Mr. Kanedi is the representative from ████████████████████████████████████ headquartered in Delhi, India.

In the conversation with Vietgo, this customer expressed his goodwill to cooperate, wanting to find a supplier for his cashew, garlic and onion order.

“I have had a hard time since the outbreak of the epidemic in India. The government has issued bans and shutdowns of some businesses. Previously, I had a company operating in the field of importing and distributing computer components. I regularly import goods from China and resell them to stores and agents. Since it was not an essential staple commodity like food, my business was immediately affected by the disease”.

Mr. Kanedi said he temporarily closed the company six months ago and looking for a new business direction. The decision to choose nut and spice products - products that are always in great demand by all Indian families shows that Mr. Kanedi seems to have calculated and researched the market carefully. The customer said that after the economic loss and the business career, he needs to be more carefull and serious in his upcoming business plans.

Mr. Kanedi expressed his joy and confidence that the support from Vietgo will be able to help him connect successfully with the right supplier. This customer is also looking forward to receiving enthusiastic advice from suppliers that he will cooperate with in order to advance to a long-term business partnership.

Here Is Order Details 28/02/21:

Details of the order


Product Name: Purple Onion

Reference size: 4.5cm +

Requirements: clean soil, good uniformity

No blemishes, broken marks

Good quality purple onions

Quantity: 5 tons test entry

Quotation method: FOB and CIF (Kolkata port, India)

Payment term: L/C or T/T

The image illustrates the product


Picture illustrating the packaging of the product


Customer Contact Information

For more specific details as well as to discuss more about the cashew nut order above, please contact the address below to receive a reply from this Indian customer soon.

Mr. Kanedi

Company: ████████████████████████████

Tell / Whatsapp: +91 ███████████

Email: ██████████████████████

Country: India





Customer image



Corporate business card image of the customer



According to the customer - Mr. Kanedi, he said he would not hesitate to sign a long-term supply contract if the trial order went well and the product quality could satisfy his prospective customers.

MSĐH: X-C280221-DTT


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