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Opportunity to export Bolts - screws to the US, Mexico and Panama

09/02/2021 | 00:20:24

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The businessman from Mexico - Mr. Fabián would like to connect with the supplier of Bolts - screws.

Opportunity to export Bolts - screws to the US, Mexico and Panama

The businessman from Mexico - Mr. Fabián would like to connect with the supplier of Bolts - screws.

Details of the order


Product name: Screw

Quantity: 350,000 units

Size: 5/16 x 3 "zinc

Incoterm: FOB

Payment method: T/T 20-30% deposit

Product image provided by the customer


Information to contact the customer

Vietnamese enterprises that can satisfy the above order and are willing to cooperate, please contact the customer through the following detailed information:

Mr. Fabián ███████████ is a Mexican businessman. Up to now, he has owned 4 companies including ██████████ specializing in the field of commerce, ████████████, █████████████████ with logistics services, and another trading company, ██████, in which ████████████ is the direct importer for this order.

The customer's business card

█████████████████████████████████ is a privately held technical management consulting company – specialized in the extensive plastic processing industry.

For over 25 years of experience – ██████ has supported international companies of all sizes and supply hands on guidance in every phases of projects for the automobile industry as well as in other technical sectors. Their main goal is to ensure sustainable business success through their expertise and systematic and comprehensive approach. They provide their customers a dedicated and individualized expert team. Up to now, the company has successfully cooperated with many famous companies and brands in the US car industry such as ZKW, Varroc, Yanfeng, etc.

Image of the company’s website

With the order of bolts and screws this time, Mr. Fabián said that in recent years, his company had only imported this item and sold for only one enterprise with many branches in the world such as USA, Mexico and Panama. Some of the other products that the company is also importing for the above branches include hangers, Phillips screws, etc. He also shared that, last year, the industry was really affected by COVID and almost stopped working because all the stores are closed. People here are accustomed to going to the store to buy and to have the furniture repaired, they barely make online purchases. Mr. Fabián also has a lot of import experience, especially he used to import from major markets such as China, Indonesia and Taiwan. Yet, he said that because of the COVID situation, prices in the above markets are increasing. At the same time, he received a lot of good feedback and reviews from friends and partners who have ever imported from Vietnam so he decided to look for suppliers from the Vietnamese market. He hopes that through VIETGO, he will be able to find a suitable supplier for screw bolts.

Below are images of 5 Bill of Lading of Mr. Fabián's successful imported shipments of nebulizers and phone components from China.

Image of bill of lading of the imported nebulizer shipment

Image of some bills of lading of the imported phone components shipment

Image of bill of lading of the imported charcoal shipment

VIETGO's Note to Suppliers: The order we are sending to you is a SPECIAL business opportunity. The bill of lading we attach shows that the customer is a potential buyer and made a purchase in the past. In case you have made an offer but have not received a reply immediately, VIETGO expects you to be patient and should send an email again to the partner to show your professionalism. We hope you to take the opportunity and offer as soon as possible to be successful with this SPECIAL order.

VIETGO would like to send supplier the order information, we wish you a successful business!


Mr Fabián ███████████


Website: www.██████████

Email: ██████████████████com

Tel / Whatsapp: +52 1█████████████

Country: Mexico

Reference number: X - B040221 - DBN


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