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Potential Purple Onion export opportunities to Nepal.

05/02/2021 | 09:29:08

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Mr. Raj, a customer from Nepal currently wants to import Purple Onions from the Vietnamese market

Potential Purple Onion export opportunities to Nepal.


Mr. Raj, a customer from Nepal currently wants to import Purple Onions from the Vietnamese market

Details of the order:

Product Name: Purple Onion

Requirements: Grade 1 purple onion, size 35mm - 40mm +, round bulb, natural purple color

Non-peeled, purple skin, good uniformity

Latest seasonal onions, no worms, no crushed, no sprouting

Packing: 20kg/net bag

Quantity of import test: 1 container 20ft

The specific quantity of regular orders after the sample order will be communicated directly with the supplier after the first order.

Quotation method: CIF (Birjung Port, Nepal)

Payment method: L/C


Purple Onion item illustration image


Information about the customer:

Mr. Raj is a customer of Nepalese nationality, living in Azerbaijan. This customer born in 1991 is a talented young businessman trying to develop his own brand in the Nepalese market. He is currently operating with his wife, Nirmala ███████, a company called ████████████████████ Pvt Ltd (under his wife's name). He said: “Nirmala is 4 years older than him - a woman with a sharp mind, so she is his powerful arm in the business.”

Photos of the client's personal passport

Personal passport photo of the client's wife

The main orientation of his company is agricultural products and textiles: agricultural products are very easy to enterprise, especially onions; this is a popular spice that has a large consumption for people in here.

The customer said that he appreciated the two markets Vietnam and Indonesia. So he decided to learn and try to import onions from Vietnam. In addition, he is also interested in sunflower oil exported to Nepal.

For textiles, the products are aimed at young customers with dynamic youthful styles such as T-shirts, hoodies, jeans…. Mr. Raj said that although he is completely new in the field of import and export, the company is complete the E-commerce and company website in a rush so that it can be put into operation quickly (expected to be completed in the next February).

Corporate business document image of this customer’s company

Contact information for the customer:

For more specific details as well as to discuss more about the order of Purple Onions above, please contact the only address listed below to receive a reply from this Nepalese customer soon.


Mr. Raj

Company: ████████████████████████ Ltd

Tel / Whatsapp: +994 ████████████

Email: ███████████████████@gmail.com

Country: Nepal


MSĐH: X-A030221-LTKL