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22/07/2022 | 17:05:16

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Ri6 - Listening to the name is also very special, this durian variety was created from the enthusiasm of the farmer with a familiar name that people usually call Mr. Sau Ri.



Ri6- Listening to the name is also very special, this durian variety was created from the enthusiasm of the farmer with a familiar name that people usually call Mr. Sau Ri. He is the one who has researched to have more appetizing fruits to serve everyone and helps the farmers get some new varieties, to improve the economic life of the gardeners.

In 1999, He passed away after more than 20 years of a career of planting and propagating plants in his native land.

To follow in his father's footsteps, Mr. Nguyen Minh Trung and Mr. Nguyen Minh Hau, his son, have constantly sought to improve the quality of the product and propagate the RI6 Durian and other fruits such as dragon fruit, jackfruit, pomelo, etc, to help the farmers have more good and quality plant varieties.

Now, the fruit and vegetable products of Sau Ri company are not only grown in all provinces and cities in Vinh Long province but are also grown by many gardeners in the Southeast region and Central Highlands region, because it brings high economic efficiency and delicious quality, it is loved by many consumers. The Sau Ri brand is increasingly trusted by the market, the amount of Sau Ri fruits and vegetables is strongly consumed both in the domestic and abroad.

Now, Mr. Hau has a long-term supply of a clean product chain for the customers. Even more outstanding is the current Sau Ri fruit brand that has been exported to markets such as Australia, Japan, and the UK, the products have met the strict standards and safety in terms of quality, certified VIETGAP.

In March 2022, the Sau Ri company joined VIETGO’s export promotion service package with the main products being fruits and vegetables such as durian, dragon fruit, and jackfruit,... Among many orders sent by VIETGO, The Sau Ri company has successfully achieved the first order with a Singaporean customer-Mr Niki.

When the VIETGO consultants introduced the products of Sau Ri company, Mr. Niki was quickly convinced by the professional and thoroughness of the Sau Ri company through the documents, information, and offers images: the famous brand, the capacity profile, and the clear, detailed, capacity company website. At the same time, quoting and responding to customer messages quickly.

Because it is a larger company and has had export orders to foreign countries for some familiar customers, the payment method of the Sau Ri Company applied to such orders is a 30% deposit,50% before shipping and the remaining 20% will be paid by the customer after landing. Although this payment method is safe for familiar customers, it is very risky for new customers.

Therefore, VIETGO consultants advised the Sau Ri company on a safer payment method for the suppliers, it is that requires the T/T customers 30% deposit in advance and the remaining 70% will be paid before packing the goods into the container or paying as soon as there is a scanned copy of Commercial invoice.

Before closing the deal & transferring the deposit for the order, the Singaporean customer had one last concern if the order had a problem on arrival, the goods were damaged, How would the Sau Ri company deal with it? Very quickly, the Sau Ri company presented the packing & quality control plan professionally: Before transferring the goods to the container for the customer, they will take photos and video, accompanied by a record of goods quality confirmation, and temperature measurement. After the goods arrive on the other side, the customer also needs a receipt with photos and video clips when receiving the goods, in case there is damage, it will be easy to assign responsibility and handle. If the quantity of damaged goods is more than 5%, it is the fault of the supplier, the Sau Ri company will compensate the customer on the next shipment.

Being Impressed & convinced by the professional working style and the responsibility of the Sau Ri company, the customer did not hesitate to transfer a deposit of 30% of the order value in just 7 days from the start of the transaction.




Price list for orders


Customer's deposit payment invoice


Invoice to pay the remaining amount


Dragon fruit is packed according to the customer's request


The quality of dragon fruit is taken to send to customers


Goods are loaded into containers




Packing list


Phytosanitary Certificate


Certificate of Origin ( C/O)


Messages from customers praising the good quality



Currently, the order of the Sau Ri company has been successfully exported to Singapore port and is praised by Mr. Niki for its quality. VIETGO would like to send the most sincere congratulations to the Sau Ri company, wishes the company a steady step in the export process, and bring back many more large and long-term contracts in the near future.