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The Malaysian partner of Vietgo is about to have a business trip to Vietnam to find the suppliers of bamboo and tissue

31/05/2022 | 22:01:03

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VIETGO would like to share the business trip schedule of Mr. Loh - the customer of VIETGO from Malaysia.

The Malaysian partner of VIETGO is about to have a business trip to Vietnam to find the suppliers of bamboo and tissue

VIETGO would like to share the business trip schedule of Mr. Loh - the customer of VIETGO from Malaysia.

Mr. Loh contacted VIETGO in June to help him find the suppliers for some products to serve his company’s activities.

On June 9th 2022, the customer will visit Vietnam to meet the suppliers of the bamboo, tissue products and come back to Malaysia on June 14th, 2022.

The customer contact information:

Mr. Loh is the representative of ██████████ Sdn Bhd - A private enterprise operating in the field of consulting, management and the product development for businesses in Malaysia with two subsidiaries, namely: █████████████████ and ████████████. 



Image of the customer

Image of the customer's business card


The mission of ██████████ Sdn Bhd is supporting the businesses which cooperate with the company to come up with the brand development strategies and product supply chain development in the field of e-commerce, helping them reach their full potential. In order to do that, ██████████ Sdn Bhd has a duty to understand every aspect of the partner company’s operations, thus knowing how to take the next steps. In the immediate period, ████ aims to build the largest group of packaging companies in Malaysia, at the same time giving the customers a minimalist experience when going shopping.

In 2020, ██████████ Sdn Bhd successfully signed a cooperation contract with ██████████████, a paper bag factory in Malaysia that has had a history of the operation since 1995. ██████████████ is the leading manufacturer of paper bags in Malaysia with a wide range of product lines such as custom printed paper bags, biodegradable paper bags, envelopes, paper boxes,... which are manufactured by the advanced Heidelberg technology.


Pictures of the headquarters of ██████████████


Pictures of the website of ██████████████

With the presence of ██████████ Sdn Bhd in the development step, ██████████████ has achieved great success and outstrips other paper product manufacturers in Malaysia. After that, the client’s company bought back a large part of the shares of and established a subsidiary is █████████████████ with the goal of building the largest group of the packaging solution providers in Malaysia, to help Malaysians have the fastest access to products at the cheapest prices. With nearly 30 years of experience in the paper industry and strong business management skills especially in the new online market segment, ████████ has achieved great success soon after its operation. Although was established and operating during the pandemic period, the revenue of ████████ still achieved a growth rate of 80% over the same period last year, thanks to the online customer approach, serving more than 200 brands and the small-medium enterprises while saving 20% of the capital by cutting out the intermediary brokerage steps. During 2021-2022, ██████████ Sdn Bhd continued to expand the market by establishing a new brand named  ████████████. This is a brand that serves the international online customers who want to buy the high-end paper bags with the production materials imported entirely from the Tohoku region of Japan.



The image of the website ████████


The image of some products of ████████

The image of some products of ████████████


Sharing about this business trip in Vietnam, Mr. Loh hopes to be able to meet directly with the suppliers, at the same time, he can check the quality of bamboo and rattan products here. The customer wishes that after this business trip, ██████████ Sdn Bhd together with the potential suppliers in Vietnam can move towards a long-term cooperative relationship. 

Loh’s specific schedule in Vietnam: 

Mr. Loh will land at Tan Son Nhat international airport, Ho Chi Minh City at 8.05 a.m on June 9th 2022. On June 14th 2022, he will end the business trip in Vietnam and catch a flight at 4:20 p.m at Tan Son Nhat international airport to come back to Malaysia.

Image of customer’s flight booking information

During this time period, the customer will meet with the suppliers on two days: June 11th, 2022 and on June 13th, 2022. He hopes to meet directly with the suppliers who have offices or factories in Ho Chi Minh City and the surrounding areas with the following products: 

- Bamboo tray dividing kitchen drawers
- Set of dining table and rattan table cages 
- Bamboo tissue


The suppliers please refer to the detailed information at: Link1, Link2 and Link3. 

He hopes the supplier will bring a product sample that meets the requirements stated in the above orders. In addition, the supplier can also suggest other bamboo and rattan product designs for his reference. 

Pictures of some products that the customer is currently looking for a supplier

If any suppliers are interested in,please contact Mr. Loh immediately at the contact information provided below to make an appointment with the customer.

The customer contact information:

Mr ████ Loh 

Mob/WhatsApp: +60██████████

Email: ████@█████████.com

The company name: ███████████Sdn Bhd, █████████████████ and ████████████

Address: █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ Malaysia

Website of █████████████████: https://www.████████.my/

Nationality: Malaysia




The order number: E310522 - TTA – NTNQ