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06/02/2021 | 20:45:51

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Greetings to our valued customers! Thank you for your interest in our services. V.I.E.T.G.O is...

Greetings to our valued customers!

Thank you for your interest in our services.

V.I.E.T.G.O is an export promotion company, specializing in providing BUYING INQUIRIES, consulting, guiding and supporting companies in working with buyers.
You will be able to work and sign contracts DIRECTLY with the BUYERS that V.I.E.T.G.O introduce.

We cooperate to export products, including:

- Wood (Acacia, Pine, Rubber wood, Eucalyptus, Plywood, MDF Board, Veneer, Interior Furniture, Household goods, etc.);
- Garment (T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Dress Shirt, Jacket, Personal Protective Equipments, Jeans, Cotton Towel, Gloves, Socks, PP bags, Hat, Canvas bag, Mask, Backpack, Shoes, etc.)
- Agricultural products (Rice, Pepper, Cashew, Coffee, Dragon Fruit, Chili, Ginger, Onion, Garlic, Lime, Banana, Vegetables, Avocado, Mango, etc.)
- Energy (Sawdust pellets, Sawdust charcoal, White charcoal, Black charcoal, Coconut shell charcoal, Bamboo charcoal, etc.)
- Paper (Paper, Paper cup, Paper bag, Carton box, etc.)
- Bamboo and rattan (Bamboo skewer, Incense stick, Toothpick, Bamboo stick, etc.)
- Seafood (Shutchi catfish, Yellowtail catfish, Shrimp, etc.)
- Construction materials (Cement, Clinker, Construction stone, Marble, Granite, etc.)



- BUYING INQUIRY: is a demand to buy a certain product, equivalent to an opportunity to export goods abroad in accordance with the law.
- Buying inquiry information will be provided via email or through website VIETGO.VN, including full contact information of the buyers and specific purchase requirements.
- The number of BUYING INQUIRIES depends on each specific product and the duration of the service package. The minimum number is 02 inquiries per month.
- Quality of inquiry information: VIETGO is responsible for the quality of information provided to you.
- Service charge:
       + 600 USD/06 months
       + 1,000 USD/12 months

Specific charge for each business size and special products is applicable.

2- Package 2: EXPORT CONSULTING (Applicable for Vietnamese customers only)

After signing the above service of Providing buying inquiry, if you do nothave experience in exporting, you can use this second service, in which an experienced specialized consultant of VIETGO will consult, guide and support you to transact with the BUYERS.

The specific contents of this package are as follows:
- Advise for your company/representative on transactions with buyers by Email, Whatsapp, etc.; consult information related to such inquiries such as quality, price;analyze your strengths and weaknesses and advise good sale strategy.
- Instruct on how to take care of customers and focus on some important inquiries so that you can sign an export contract after the shortest period of time.
- Advise on Payment, Contract Contents, logistics; support direct negotiation with buyers when meeting in person.

Service charge18,000,000VND/3 months (VAT included)

Additional charge:
- 1% of the FOB value of the contract when successfully exporting the products listed in the Agricultural Products categories
- 2% of the FOB value of the contract when successfully exporting the products not listed in the Agricultural Products categories

We look forward to cooperating with you.

Best regards,